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Demyelinating Disorders

Spinal axons that survive spinal cord injury lose their protective wrapping of myelin. We are exploring interventions that will remyelinate these axons, which could reverse demyelinating diseases like multiple sclerosis.


Pictured: Pat Summit

Degenerative Disorders

Neurodegenerative disease is a term for a range of disorders which affect neurons in the brain. Our research findings indicate that by stimulating neurons, we can reverse conditions that result in degeneration and death of nerve cells. We are also exploring the best approaches to prevent neurodegeneration.


Pictured: Michael J. Foxx


After a spinal cord injury, the body’s immune and inflammatory response damage cells that survive the initial trauma and trigger further tissue destruction. If this biological ripple effect can be prevented or contained, the injury will be less severe. We are leveraging strategies in research and clinical care to minimize disease progression.


Pictured: Christopher Reeve