Our Approach

A cure is within our reach.


The central nervous system—or CNS—is made up of the brain and spinal cord. It integrates and coordinates information that influences the activity for all parts of our body. Everything we take for granted—thinking, breathing, moving, feeling, seeing—are controlled by over one hundred billion nerve cells, or neurons. These highly active neurons are in constant communication from your head to your toes.

To send important messages, nerve cells communicate through electrical signals. Signals begin at the neuron and travel down the axon which acts like a wire to transmit these signals. Most axons are coated with fatty layers called myelin that insulate the electrical wire. Normal myelin supports the efficient signaling through the nerve cell or neuron, allowing messages to be passed to other cells in the CNS.

While this communication is seamless for most people, anyone who has sustained a spinal cord injury or brain degeneration can experience a wide range of disorders or deficits, including vision loss, dementia, movement disorder, and even paralysis.